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Sleepmac All-in-one Smart Pink Noise Machine

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✔️ 34 Soothing Sounds, multi-color night light.

✔️ Control easily from mobile app (both Apple and Android).

✔️ Create bedtime, naptime, and time-to-rise programs in the app and let them play automatically.

✔️ Trains your child to go to bed on time and wake up naturally with soothing alarm tones.

✔️ Control the same features from the device when not using the app.

✔️ Support multiple controls and can share the app with family members to control the device.

✔️ Child safety lock.

✔️ Set up a timer at any time, or play all night long continuously.

✔️ Customise your favorites and save them. Easily access the favorites with a single touch on the top metal cover.

✔️ Independent controls of lights and sound.

✔️ High-performance inbuilt battery, lasts up to 18 hours.

 👉 Power Adapter not included. Only a USB cable is included. Click Here to Buy.

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Flawless App Control

Set it Once and Forget.

Create your favorites, select the appropriate sound and light, set up your sleep programs, timer, child lock, and many more. Set up once and let our smart device take care of the rest.


sleepmac app

The Perfect Sleep Trainer

Get amazed with your child's sleep routine.

Set up the appropriate sound and light in the "Programs". Use light colors to easily teach your child when it's time for bed, playtime, and time to rise. We recommend using pink or red light for "Bedtime", "Rainbow" for playtime, and "Green" for time to rise.





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 Sound List

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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews

I can't be more happy with my sleepmac noise machine. It's a well-rounded device that caters for every child and baby.



Maryam G.
Amazing, just love it

From connection to wifi to a range of lights and sounds you get all u need of a noise machine.. good volume and quality of sound! The only drawback is position of button


so loud and lots of options!

Tessa B.
Customer service 10/10

I bought 2 and i had an issue with one device. Without me asking they sent me a replacement that worked straight away. Excellent customer service!! My kids love the device and it helps me get them to bed easier and up in the morning. Wins all around!