Sleepmac™ Pink Noise Machine & Night Light

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   It’s a great machine and very easy to use. The sounds are clear and pleasant. The lights create a soothing mood in the room, and the battery feature and timer modes are great. It even comes with a soft carry bag for traveling. I’d highly recommend this.  --  Alistair   

Pink noise for better sleep

Sleepmac pink noise machine overall feature illustration

 sleepma pink noise machine product description
👉Power Adapter not included. Only a USB cable is included. Click Here to buy a Sleepmac power adapter.


Independent Controls 

Sleepmac pink noise machine light and sound control

sleepmac pink noise machine memory feature
Saves your favorite setting for next time and every
time you turn on the device. Never forgets.
Sleepmac pink noise machine easy accessible buttons
 Buttons are designed to easily access in dark.
Rotate volume knob to adjust 0 dB to 74 dB.
Sleepmac pink noise machine 100% darkness
Turn off the night light & 
Use the blackout stickers to block all LEDs.


Sleepmac pink noise machine for babies and kids
9 Exclusive Lullabies,
Real human shhh, Static noises, & more...


Sleepmac pink noise machine and night light for adults
4 Pink Noises, 4 Rain Sounds,
3 Wave Sounds, Waterfall Noise, & more...

 sleepmac pink noise machine portable and rechargeable

Fits easily into the palm.
Up to 12 hours of battery backup.
Sleepmac pink noise machine for Dogs and cats
Very effective in calming down pets.
They get better rest, and in turn, you too.

  The Best Sound Machine Ever!


 sleepmac security badges


 sleepmac premium speakers and non-looping sounds

Why Pink Noise Machine?

Many problems one solution sleepmac pink noise machine  

Sleepmac pink noise machine for adults

  sleepmac pink noise machine for new moms

  baby sleeping in crib with pink noise machine on

  Best pink noise machine for dogs

 Portable pink noise machine

 sleepmac pink noise machine with emoji & blackout stickers

How Does it Work?

Comparison with and without sleepmac pink noise machine


 Sound List

SM200 Pink noise machine list of sounds


 What's In The Box

  • Sleepmac Pink Noise Machine
  • USB Type C charging Cable
  • LED Blocking Stickers & Emoji Stickers
  • Soft Velvet Drawstring Bag
  • Free Gift - Luxury Sleep Socks (Subject to Availability)
  • Sleepmac Power Adapter NOT included.

 Listen to Sample Sounds: