Glow-In-Dark 3D Luxury Eye Mask, 100% Blackout Sleep Mask, Zero Eye Pressure

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💤 Zero eye pressure sleep mask.

💤 100% Blackout eye mask.

💤 Adjustable strap, short hook design, won't pull the hair.

💤 Glows in dark. A glowing line on the mask to easily find in the dark.

💤 Breathable memory foam.

💤 Lightweight and comfortable. Fits the nose contour perfectly to give 100% darkness.

💤 Suitable for side, back, and belly sleepers.

💤 Includes a soft velvet carry bag to easily carry it anywhere.

💤 Includes premium earplugs (foam and silicone).


sleepmac eye mask     sleepmac eye mask

 sleepmac eye mask 1

 sleepmac eye mask

 sleepmac eye mask

 sleepmac eye mask

Free foam and silicone earplugs